Magdalena Nicolescu

I am a professional who ‘grew up’ in various corporations in roles which started from the ground, up until the higher management. I am passionate about anything related to “change management’, ‘transformation’, ‘transitions’ and I am happy to share with everyone what I’ve learnt, the good – the bad – the ugly, across all my experience. My current focus is to give the public education community the best lessons I’ve got from 15 years spent in various private companies. If you are looking for any topic related to ‘change management’ and ‘education’ - I’m listening to you! Let’s meet! 


I am here to


  • Be a mediator of your online class


  • Offer you support in efficiently handle a courseand obtain the maximum possible


  • Offer you solutions and ideas that will enhance your online courses presence and execution


  • Give you tips and tricks from my corporate experience so you can gain more confidence and managerial skills in your online teaching process
  • My top skills

    1. Change Management

    2. Executive meetings management

    3. Leadership

    4. Performance Management

    5. Coaching / Mentoring

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